Nature2 Mineral Sanitiser - Introduction 

Time for a refreshing swim in your pool or a relaxing soak in the spa? The last thing you want is to breathe in unpleasant odors associated with chlorine as you’re trying to unwind. With Nature2 mineral sanitiser, you can swim easy with less harsh pool chlorine.

The original mineral sanitiser, Nature2 uses the ancient cleansing properties of natural minerals to destroy harmful bacteria and algae – all while using significantly fewer pool chemicals. The result? Softer, more sparkling pool water with less unpleasant odors from chemicals.

How does Nature2 Mineral Sanitiser work?

Using an EPA-registered mineral bed technology, Nature2 is a simple, cartridge-based sanitiser that lasts four months when used in spas and six months when used in pools. Pool water flows through the cartridge, which acts as a natural sanitiser that kills bacteria and algae. Nature2 works in conjunction with reduced amounts of chlorine to deliver pool sanitation you can rely on.

No need to worry about checking mineral levels regularly. A special controlled-release technology automatically dispenses the proper amount of natural minerals including ionic silver into your water around the clock.

Benefits of Nature2 Sanitisers:

A mineral pool sanitiser delivers a wealth of benefits for swimming pool owners, including:

1. Healthier pool and spa

By destroying bacteria and algae, Nature2 helps keep your pool water safe to swim in throughout the swimming season.

2. Clear, soft water

There’s nothing quite like the increased clarity and softer feel of your pool water.

3. Less exposure to harsh chemicals

Fewer chemicals in your pool water mean less exposure to chlorine, bromine and other harsh chemicals.

4. Reduced sanitation costs

Since mineral sanitisers help keep tabs on unwanted pool guests like bacteria and algae, you’ll save money using significantly fewer chemicals.

5. Perfect harmony

Nature2 helps you maintain a more consistent pool chemical balance for softer, pH neutral pool water.

6. Stain-free

Guard the beauty of your pool with mineral sanitisers that are guaranteed not to stain pool surfaces.

7. Simplified maintenance

With controlled release technology and a lifespan of up to six months in pools and four months in spas, Nature2 does its job without frequent monitoring.