Backwashing Your Pool

Backwashing your pool pump ensures your filter is clean and working properly so that you can maintain excellent pool water quality whilst preventing water-borne diseases and bacteria.

We recommend backwashing your filter once a week during normal usage, preferably after the pool has been vacuumed.

Ensure everything is clean and in good working order

Make sure you inspect the filter and pump for possible damage or worn parts. The filter should be clean before you turn it on. If you didn’t clean it thoroughly when you closed the pool for winter, do it now. To clean a cartridge filter, remove the cartridge and wash with a hose. If you have a sand filter, backwashing will thoroughly clean the sand by reversing the flow of water to flush out contaminants. 

Here’s our recommended backwashing process:

  1. Switch the pool pump off.
  2. Move the handle on top of the filter to the “backwash” position.
  3. Switch the pool pump on. Watch the sight glass on the filter, it should turn dirty and then slowly (usually 1 – 2 minutes) become clear again.
  4. Switch the pool pump off.
  5. Move the handle on top of the filter to the “rinse” position.
  6. Switch the pool pump on for 10 – 20 seconds and then switch it off.
  7. Move the handle on top of the filter back to the “filter” position – this your pool’s normal operating position. 
  8. Switch the pool pump on.

Remember to never turn the filter handle while the pump is running.
While running the pump on backwash and rinse you’ll be pumping water and waste out of the pool, so remember to have enough water in the pool before backwashing the filter and top the pool up again after backwashing. Running the pump dry will result in major damage to the pump.