This good quality replacement spa  pool filter will ensure your spa stays sparkling clean and healthy.  We recommend replacing your spa pool filter every 12 to 18 months.  We also recommend cleaning your spa filter 1 to 2 times a week by spraying with water and every 6-8 weeks by soaking in spa and pool filter cleaner. 

Replacement spa pool filters can be purchased by size/measurements and each filter may fit a number of different spa pools.  If you have purchased from us before we can look up the product code from your previous order.  The product code for this filter is BBF5AA08


The measurements of this filter are:

1. Outer diameter 150mm

2. Length 267mm

3. Top end cap 50mm (bore/hole)

4. Bottom end cap 50mm (bore/hole)


To find the right spa pool filter for your spa pool the measurements you need are:

1. The outer diameter (measure across the top from the left outer edge to the right outer edge);

2. Length of the filter (measure from top to bottom (do not include handles or threads).  it is normally more accurate to measure the length through the inside  hole in the middle of the filter if thats possible);

3. The inside diameter (measure across the opening - the hole in the centre of the filter - or measure the inside edges of the thread - holes are normally 50mm, 75mm or 100mm and threads are normally 38mm or 50mm)

If you need more help measuring your filter then go to our blog post entitled "measuring your spa pool filter".


This spa pool filter fits a number of different hotspring spas