Bromine tablet hot water sanitiser. Bromine is an erosion control sanitiser for spas or hot tubs that is specifically designed for hot water. Comes in a 20g solid white tablet, to be used in a spa floating dispenser.

Bromine is a great choice for keeping your spa pool clean and sparkling - Bromine is easier on the skin so is less likely to irritate sensitive skin.  Broimine  is more stable than chlorine at higher temperatures.  Bromine retains its power to santitise up to 58 degrees celcius whereas chlorine starts to break down at 32 degrees celcius

Also available in:  1kg and  2kg  

Bromine Tablets are classed as a hazardous substance that is acutely toxic, corrosive, oxidiser, may intensify fire, direct contact with skin eyes and mouth may cause chemical Burns, harmful if swallowed.  Please keep out of reach of children and read label before use