These are the small chlorine pills suitable for use in a spa or hot tub or in some cases very small swimming pools.  Trichlor is stabilised chlorine (incorporating cyanuric acid as stabiliser)  Easy to use and with 90% chlorine content these pills make it easy to keep your spa pool sparking clean.

Please note the coin in the picture for scale purposes.

place one 20g pill in either a floating dispenser or the skimmer per 1000 litres per week or as required.  High use will use up the trichlor more quickly and you will need to add a pill more often than one a week.  

Trichlor pills are classed as a hazardous substance that is acutely toxic, corrosive, oxidiser,, may intensify fire, direct contact with skin eyes and mouth may cause chemical Burns, harmful if swallowed.  Please keep out of reach of children and read label before use