Spa pool care and maintenance

Regular cleaning of your spa pool and filter can extend the life of your spa pool and avoid costly problems.

You should ideally change/replace half of your spa pool water every three months and change/replace all the water every six months.  (Remember to turn your spa off while you are changing the water as it will damage the jets and pumps if the spa runs with no water in it.)

Depending on how much you use your spa  you should remove the filter and rinse/clean it in fresh water one to two times a week.  You could do this by spraying the filter at close range with your garden hose.   This removes the debris and dirt which has collected in the filter. 

Again, depending on how much use your spa gets you should remove the filter and soak it in filter cleaner every 6-8 weeks (more often if your spa is being used every day).  Some spa owners like to have 2 filters so that when one is soaking/being cleaned they can use the other one.

We recommend changing your spa filter every 12 to 18 months to ensure that you are getting optimum performance and your spa pool is clean and healthy.  We stock a range of good quality spa pool filters at competitive prices.