Five factors for a perfect pool

Five factors for a perfect pool

There are 5 factors that work together to ensure you have a perfect pool to enjoy year round. Pool care and maintenance is not only essential for preserving your pool and pool accessories but will also save you money in the long run.

Here are the top 5 factors that you need to know when owning and maintaining a pool:



1. Circulating the water for at least 10 hours a day is the best way to ensure algae and bacteria can't take hold and helps to keep the water sanitary by circulating the pool chemicals. Also moving debris to the filter to keep the pool cleaner.

2. The filter is a vital piece of equipment that removes microscopic and large debris from your pool. Maintaining your filter is essential and you can find tips of cleaning and maintaining your filter in our Tips for Filter Maintenance article.

3. Cleaning your pool once a week will help stop algae taking hold in the areas where the water circulation doesn't quite reach. Whether you're brushing the sides with a pool brush or using an automatic pool cleaner, ideally a clean should be done weekly.

4. Testing your water to check the pH balance and level of sanitiser should be done regularly because the water is effected environmental factors such as the weather and number of bathers using the pool. Understanding these levels means you can apply the right combination of chemicals to achieve perfectly balanced and healthy water.

5. Balancing the pH and sanitiser levels in your pool is vital to ensure user safety and comfort and to protect the pool surface and equipment. If you require assistance with achieving the perfect balance, send us a message with your questions. We're always happy to help.