Pool Shock Treatment

Giving your pool a shock

Shocking a swimming pool, or super chlorination, is the process of adding a large dose of chlorine or shock treatment to kill bacteria, algae and micro-organisms and bring the pool’s chlorine levels up to the desired range.

Why shock?

When re-opening your pool after winter, a pool shock treatment will help to kill excess algae and help to clear the water.

During regular use a pool should undergo a shock treatment every 3-4 weeks to maintain healthy, sanitised water or to help clear cloudy water.
When the pool has seen heavy use we recommend doing a shock to remove bacteria from bathers, algae, chloramines or other contaminants.

How to shock

To shock your pool, mix and pre-dissolve the chlorine shock in a bucket of water and then pour into your pool water. It’s recommended to add shock to your pool at dusk or night because the sun will burn off unstable chlorine. Let your pool pump run for 8 hours overnight.

We recommend Pool Chemicals Direct Chlorine Granules.


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