Water balance calculations

Get the perfect chemical balance for your sized pool with these tables.

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What chemicals for what purpose?

Does it feel like you need to have a PhD in chemistry to understand how to care for and maintain the water balance in your pool or spa? Chemically balanced water is the key to a clean pool or spa. Improperly balanced water can cause algae and bacteria growth and cause waterlines to form. There are three categories of chemicals we recommend you using: sanitisers, water balancers and speciality. To help make it all a bit easier to understand, here’s our guide to what chemicals you need and how to use them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to test my pool water? Weekly testing works for most pools. During the hot summer or periods of high usage you can test more frequently.

My pool is cloudy, what should I do? Firstly, ensure correct water balance including algaecide if necessary and that the pump is running for an adequate amount of time. Next, ensure the filter has been backwashed. You can then look at adding a clarifier to help clear up the water. Alternatively you can give the pool a floc treatment. 

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