Filtermaster High Rate Sand Filters - the natural solution for perfectly filtered pool water! Sand filters feature improved water circulation through a balanced layout of lateral nozzles positioned internally at the base of the filter tank. This enables water to be distributed evenly throughout the entire filter bed trapping debris and contaminants before pure fresh water returns via the multiport valve to the pool.

Just as sand is utilised to cleanse our oceans and rivers you too can enjoy the benefits of a Filtermaster sand filtered swimming pool.

• Suitable for all pool types, fresh or salt water 
• Require little ongoing maintenance as compared to other types of filters
• No additional powder additives to worry about  

WARRANTY - 10 years on filter tank, 1 year on multiport valve 

Model No. F16
Filter Area - 0.13m2 
Height - 757mm 
Tank Dia. - 410mm 
Design Flow - 100lpm 
Silica Sand Required - 35kg 
Valve Port Size - 40mm